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AIC                                                       800-841-5241

ASI                                                       866-ASI-LOSS

Argo Insurance                                800 777 3602

Chubb                                                 800-252-4670

FOREMOST                                        800-527-3907

PHILADELPHIA                                 800-765-9749

PROGRESSIVE                                  800-274-4499

MSA Group                                        877-425-2467

TITAN INSURANCE                           800-926-3168

TRAVELERS                                      800-CLAIM.33 (252-4633)

The Claim Process

  1. Report your loss immediately to Heber Insurance or to your insurance company's 24/7 claim telephone number.
  2. If property is damaged, take photos of the damage and make any temporary repairs necessary in order to prevent further damage until you are contacted by a company adjuster. Make records of damaged property and repair expenses.
  3. If you are in an automobile accident, make complete notes of the date, time & place along with the other car's driver information and witnesses. If the other party is at fault, be sure to contact the police and make an accident report. In any claim, no repairs, except for temporary repairs should be made without your insurance company's authorization. Your insurance company (The Hartford, Progressive, etc.) may send you a claim form, known as a "loss notice form" to complete or an adjuster may visit your home or business first, before you're asked to fill out any forms.An adjuster is a person professionally trained to assess the damage. In either case, the more information you have about your damaged possessions - a description of the item, the date of purchase and what it would cost to replace or repair - the faster your claim generally can be settled.

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